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Just a Girl living in an ever -expanding technological world.

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    My name is Keisha Mitchell and I’m a Technical Writer and Web Developer with a background in multimedia journalism and digital content creation that spans over two decades. Today, I’ve expanded my love of all things digital via a career in tech  with a focus on front end web development, UI/UX design, and technical documentation and analysis . My knowledge base consists of HTML, JavaScript, CSS,  React and Solidity, and I am also trained on Agile and Scrum best practices as well as project management. I've started this blog as a passion project and to fulfill the needs of newbie and tenured Programmers alike who are looking for relatable, easy to read tech resources written in plain speak. It's also my  motive to build a platform where Developers and Tech Advocates can learn about one another and share their missions, wins, and motivations within the tech space to further their impact and widen their communities.  If you have articles to contribute or an initiative you'd like to promote,  feel free to reach out to me via email at or stay in touch by clicking on my socials in the nav bar.


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